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Under The Yoke Update: We're back

A month ago there was a very brief article posted on the website about a brief development hiatus. I am pleased to announce that development on Under The Yoke can now continue!

Often when an indie project loses momentum it tends to die away but this is not the case for Under The Yoke, truthfully the project is in great shape, we're currently working on the event system which is the last piece major piece of the puzzle, from there we'll have to start writing the events, which will most likely prove to be a long process as we are aiming for a high number to keep the game feeling fresh for each play through.

During this phase of development I hope to have the new UI assets in place, potentially beginning from next month, this will mean we can start showing off all of these features that we've been discussing for the last year so now is a great time to subscribe using the form below.

I'll be back in a couple of weeks to share our progress with the event system and possibly to even start discussing the periods of history we'll be assessing in Under The Yoke.

For now, have a great fortnight!

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