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About Priory Games

Founded in 2020, Priory Games is a solo game development studio focused on creating historically authentic games which both educate and entertain fans of history and newcomers to the subject.

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Our History

Step into the past with Priory Games.


Our games span the breadth of history and aim to deliver experiences that put you in the shoes of your forebears. From travelling across the Medieval world as a merchant in Silk Roads: Caravan Kings or surviving as a medieval peasant in Under The Yoke.

Priory Games deploys open-ended, multiple-choice, story telling mechanics in order to allow players to fully immerse themselves in the past. Our games aim to tell the story of everyday people, not just the warriors and leaders of the past.

Using the Godot engine, Priory Games aims to deliver experiences that educate and entertain the player by putting people in the shoes of everyday people in the past.

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