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Become a Sea King as you manage a Viking crew and a Viking fort, organising and overseeing raids in an indirect management game.

Longphort released November 5th
Become A Sea King
Build, manage and your own Viking fort. Choose where to invest your gold and slaves from your Longhall, Tavern, Blacksmith, Shrine and Dock. Upgrading each brings different bonuses, from a larger ship for more crew to new armour and weapons to worshipping more Gods.

Manage Your Crew
Assemble your crew, hire Vikings of various levels with 5 different specialist backgrounds, train them, care for them and equip them with weapons and armour, be it a bulking Viking with plate armour and a war hammer or a thief clad in leather and a crossbow.

Go On Raids
Take your crew on raids in search of gold, slaves and glory, but beware the locals. Randomly generated targets between 5 duchies means no two games are the same. Be careful, the more you raid the more prepared your enemies will be.

Worship The Gods
Sacrifice your Thralls to 5 different Gods for unique bonuses.

Based On Real History
Experience the life on the Viking settlement of Dublin as you carve your way through 30 years of history.


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