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Silk Roads: Caravan Kings

In Silk Roads: Caravan Kings you follow in the footsteps of the legendary Marco Polo on a journey into Cathay in search of riches and adventure.

This solo developed indie game puts you in control of a journey through a foreign world scarcely explored in popular media, including the famous Mongolian Steppes, the sandy deserts of Arabia, the wet jungles of India and the civilized empire of China. You can choose your path across the world.

Over 100 unique events will challenge you on your journey, with multiple endings, luck based decisions and unique artwork.

Managing your supplies, camel train, health and morale as you travel across a hand drawn map.

Stop in over 30 cities along the roads for a chance to rest, recuperate, resupply & work. Visit the markets of distant lands and trade your way to China.

Manage your relations with the various cultures on the routes to Cathay, improve your skills to help you trade and obtain essential equipment.


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