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Under The Yoke Full Release!

Experience over 250 years of English history in the full release of medieval peasant life-sim, Under The Yoke.

For those of you returning from the demo, continue your story (and save) in a game revamped with your feedback. Play with an all new font, new items and inventory slots, a total rebalance of trade, items, jobs and moods.

Also featured in the full release, the game will track how you play and relay your stats at the end of the game. Want to know how many generations you lived through or how many trials you won?

The game now also features dynamic famine events. Each year, a poor harvest may result in low food supplies which will have a chaotic impact on the marketplace. Profit with high food prices or suffer the effects of starvation, but be warned, especially bad famines were known to occur towards the end of the game's time period. Some famines may take several years to return to normal so storing food is more important than ever.

With the full release we are also making changes to the demo, now you can play the first 15 years of the game up to the year 1100. Set your family up for success before launching your save in the full game.


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