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28th of March - Under The Yoke Release Date Announced

Welcome ladies and villeins!

I am proud to announce that Under The Yoke finally has a firm release date for the 28th of March!

We're excited for players to get to experience all 250 years of medieval life-simulation, especially with all of the recent changes, from a complete facelift with the new font to new mechanics and more.

But, it wouldn't be an update without some new content, so jump back into Under The Yoke and check out your character Inventory screen.

No longer are you limited to clothes, now you can equip jewellery to command greater respect, implements to make work a little faster and accessories to give your character a little extra cheer.

I don't want to spoil them all for you, but there are 20 more new items in the game, some of which you can now craft yourself!

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