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Coding Medieval Worlds 2022

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope your weekend was as great as mine, as Priory Games got to attend Coding Medieval Worlds 2, a 2 day workshop with game developers and historians sharing thoughts and ideas around a variety of topics.

The event featured a keynote from Claudia Baldassi from Paradox Interactive on "The Quest for a Medieval World in Modern Video Games" and Tom Brughmans & Iza Romanowska creators of the tabletop game FORVM: TRADE EMPIRES OF ROME.

The show also featured panel discussions with historians on a variety of topics such as under-represented cultures and periods of history and a discussion on how to create more fulfilling experiences for people looking to connect to the past.

In-between these speakers were extended breakout sessions where historians and developers split off to discuss Medieval Manuscripts, Representation and (most importantly for Under The Yoke) Trade & Simulations of Towns/Villages.

I must say as much as I enjoyed the keynotes and the panel sessions, there's nothing quite like getting to sit down with real historians and discuss the minutiae of day to day life for our ancestors. Over the coming weeks there will be some big developments in Under The Yoke off of the back of some of those conversations and I can't wait to show you all more.

A big thank you again to James Baillie, Exilian and the University of Vienna.

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