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Longphort Magna Carter Update

A little break from the Under The Yoke updates this week while we wait for the animal art to be finalised.

Instead we have an update to Longphort, featuring lots of bug fixes and new features requested by the community.

"Happy New Year Vikings (can you still say that in February?)

I've been contacted by a couple of Vikings through our Discord, who have noted a handful of bugs and made a few feature requests for this Longphort update. (A horn of ale for Beefeater and Soonmoro)

This update features:


Bug Fix - SFX/Music volume no longer resets when raid starts

Bug Fix - Death sounds now inherit from SFX

Bug Fix - Unmuting/muting no longer gets stuck

Bug Fix - All costs update depending on if you have enough money

Crash fix - The game will no longer occasionally crash during the raid tutorial


Enemies now have HP bars

Opaque background for settings menu

Settings menu generally improved

In the raid menu, the region now shows on the right

The settings menu is now available during raids and pauses the action

New popups every few years with flavour text as well as an alert for how long is left in the game

Once again a big thank you to you all for playing the game and for the feedback, if you have any feedback for me for a feature you want to see added or any bugs I've managed to miss feel free to contact me at any of the various locations in the game menu.

Happy raiding!"

Link to the full steam post below:

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