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Under The Yoke Devlog #1 Re-Wind

We're posting devlogs on steam now! Rejoin the journey to launch with our devlog refresh over on Steam:

Welcome ladies and villeins to the first Under The Yoke devlog.

For those of you that have been following the game for some time, you may be wondering why we’re at #1 instead of #30 something. Well, we’ve had a lot of new friends join us from Steam, and as the game has progressed in development it’s worth refreshing our view on some of the mechanics. However, for those of you who are joining us from Steam, do feel free to pop over to to binge the old devlogs and get ahead of the pack.

Now, let’s introduce you a little to the world of Under The Yoke


Under The Yoke is set shortly after the Norman conquest of England, namely 1085. You begin the game by making your mark in the Domesday book, a wide survey of King William’s kingdom, though he would not live to see his work carried out, it does mark as one of the most extensive historical records from the period and a major historical source.

Who do you play?

Most of you know by now that rather than a King or a Lord of even a Knight, you will be playing as a lowly peasant, with a meagre plot of land to your name, a dilapidated cottage and enough food to last you through to the next harvest, your path to glory awaits.

How do you play?

The game is turn based, with each turn lasting a day. You control your family members, able to drag them to different work areas and assign them tasks, such as fishing in the river, threshing crops in the fields or spinning wool in the cottage.

Throughout the 250 years of game time, you will be confronted with a variety of mechanics that draw from real history, from feudal contracts to legal disputes to random events. Now some of these things, such as Hallmotes, may be entirely unfamiliar to you, but stick around these devlogs and you’ll get a head start on what to expect.

Since you're reading this on the Priorygames website, I assume you're a hardcore fan, or you joined us from Steam. As I say, there's plenty of other devlogs to feast on while you wait for updates, we'll continue posting here too so be sure to subscribe to our mailing list using the form below.

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