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Under The Yoke Devlog 13: Let's get Jubilant!

We’re taking a break from our deep dive into the social system for Under The Yoke this week due to a combination of factors which have slowed development on the social system. Not wanting to lie to the fanbase about features we prefer to blog as we develop, not the other way around.

Worry not medieval enthusiasts, we should have some great things to share with you soon, I’m currently in the process of moving out of Londonium which has taken up a lot of dev time.

What should we do in an off week then? I say in honour of the Queen’s jubilee we should have a look at the setting for Under The Yoke.

Under The Yoke refers to what scholars called the ‘Norman Yoke’, that is the state of the Anglo-Saxons in post conquest England which is when the game takes place. It's also a pretty good double entendre as a Yoke is what was put around the work animal on a plough.

Presently, the game starts right at the beginning of William the Conquerors reign. From here players will be presented with their Domesday log, a census of all tax paying citizens of England to help William the Conquerer to better govern his kingdom. This will allow players to customise their start as well as their character’s portrait, skills, stats and personality.

From here events will periodically occur as time progress which retell the history of post-conquest England, from taxes to historical events to wars to civil wars. Players reactions to these events may have profound effects on their lives and their standing in the village, for instance adopting more Norman styles of mannerisms may endear them to their new overlords but will do little to impress the neighbours.

Of course, as a peasant there is nothing you can do to steer the course of history, merely react to the news just as people of the day did (and still do). This is a fantastic way to experience history all over again and compounded with the other random multiple choice events in the game it helps to sew a rich tapestry of life in the Middle Ages.

See, we even snuck a little bit about socialising into this article, for more clever writing like this every two weeks, subscribe using your email in the form below.

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