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Under The Yoke Devlog 14: We live in a society

Happy Medieval Monday!

With my move to a historical English town completed, I feel content to finally share the full mechanics behind our social system.

I imagine most Yokers have put 2+2 together by now and figured out the lions share of how relations in the village work from our two previous devlogs, which you can find here and here, but in case you haven’t been keeping up, here’s the lowdown.

Relationships in Under The Yoke play a key feature in the lives of all characters, perhaps even more so than they do today.

Medieval villages would have been tight knitted communities, with people growing up, living with, marrying and eventually dying all within the same community.

In Under The Yoke, the current plan is to represent your families ‘Tithing’. This was a grouping of 10 families as part of a larger whole of 100 who made up a Frankenpledge. This grouping were all held mutually responsible, so if one were needed in court it would be the responsibility of the others to bring them to court.

Characters not associated with your family will be generated by the game and will intermarry and inherit just as the player does, growing alongside you. You too will have the choice to intermarry with them, be it for love or for a healthy dowry. To befriend them or become rivals and experience events which will mould your relationship.

This is all part of a system which simulates the greater Medieval village political system, wherein Reeves and Tythingman were selected from amongst the most prominent families, those who had the support of the rest of the Tithe.

This is obviously a very complicated system, one of the most complicated in Under The Yoke and is constantly subject to change but I hope this gives you a little insight on this developing system.

That’s the big nut for this week, I hope to see you here next week for deep insights into more Medieval history and Medieval sims.

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