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Under The Yoke Devlog 17: Feast or Famine

Welcome to all you villeins and knaves to your regular, bi-weekly Under The Yoke Devlog! This week we will be looking at medieval feasts and how they relate in medieval life-sim Under The Yoke.


Anyone who has spent any amount of time looking into medieval history knows the importance of feasting, there was something of a feasting culture with very firm unspoken rules and traditions, many of which persist to this day (looking at you, no eating off of a knife).

Feasts would often be thrown by the wealthy as a form of renumeration or as a thank you, and the wealthy who broke with this tradition would often be resented. For instance, at the end of harvest season a feast would be thrown by the local lord for the peasants who had performed their week-work bringing in the grain for their lord.

Feasts could also be hosted by peasants, particularly well off peasants, though they would have been far less extravagant than those of the gentry (less bird stuffed inside a pig stuffed inside a cow, more bottomless ale and hog on a spit) feasts, similar perhaps to parties, would still be held for special occasions, such as baptisms and weddings, accompanying the food you would find singing, music and dancing.

Under The Yoke

Our aim is to not only present the feasts that come down from above, such as the harvest feast and Christmas, but also give the players the option to host their own feasts. Player held feasts may be for a specific occasion, such as a christening or a wedding, or just for the fun of it.

The feast is made up of ingredients that get increasingly extravagant depending on the level of feast you are holding. Simple feasts may be little more than bread, pottage and beer but this will do little to endear you to your guests, whereas later feasts may include bread, meat, spices, fruits and of course alcohol (a constant). A player may choose what to use from any category, say pork or beef in the meat section, and attendees will improve their opinion depending on how delicious said feast is.

Having food to spare goes a long way to improve your reputation in the village which can help in negotiating your feudal contract and invitees also get a big boost from your feast, that is so long as your food is tasty and that they enjoy feasts.


If this feast of detail wasn’t enough to sate your hunger then we have new artwork to show off and hopefully by the next video even a new video showing off the in-game house in action. If these have you hungering for more then sign up using the form below!

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