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Under The Yoke Devlog 32: Unbalanced Humours

Ladies and villeins, remember last month when I said that we'd be back to our regular schedule of bi-weekly posts? No? Me neither, that's good. Apologies for the absence, my humours have been once more unbalanced which has left me with little energy for gamedev or blogging.

I do however have progress to share, the event system has begun development in earnest.

The goal with Under The Yoke has always been to use stories told via events to immerse players into the past and this means that the underlying event system has to be rock solid. As of now the current setup the game will be able to intelligently target characters, such as your wife's closest friend or the village ale taster, this allows for more immersive situations rather than hard coded "your wife" or "your friend".

This also allows us to have a greater impact in gameplay, character's opinions can change of you, so if you've managed to befriend someone who your character's personality naturally clashes with you may trigger events which can cause your character's to fall out if you're not careful.

The element of role-play is also included, with characters able to make decisions based on their personality, or have greater chances of a good outcome based on their personality, mood or skills. For instance when discovering a penny on the ground, a pious character may choose to hand it over to the Church as a donation rather than pocket it, a particularly pesky result of good morals.

I'm excited to show more of this feature as it develops, it's currently being developed with future mod-ability in mind, though this will not be a feature at launch.

Furthermore, we hope to have unique events for all of the major historical bookmarks that the game covers as well as general day to day events.

If you're excited to hear more about the last major feature to be implemented in Under The Yoke then subscribe for a very unreliable newsletter every 2 weeks.

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