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Under The Yoke Devlog 33: Events, events, events

Hey everyone! I'm back, and only a 3 weeks past schedule.

You may recall in previous blog posts that I mentioned these devlogs may slow down while I work on the event system, well the event system has been and gone, we are now in the stage of actually writing the events.

The pre-launch goal is to write 250 events, that's one unique event for every year, though since they are dynamic events (meaning they are only triggered when certain criteria are met), it's possible that you may see repeats within one play through and therefore miss some entirely. In an ideal world we'd have so many that you couldn't see them all in one play through even with repeats, but this task is quite laborious. After all, you may only see one result per event but there are often multiple outcomes for the multiple solutions you are presented with for each event. Then still your character may only be eligible for certain options.

What do I mean by that? Well, in a recent event I wrote there is a berry bush of dubious nature which may or may not be poisonous, you may decide to try and analyse whether it's poisonous and try to pass a herbalism skill check, or if your character is particularly thick they may just start eating them there and then. On the other hand, a mean character may call over one of their relatives and convince them to try a berry to see whether they are safe to eat. Or you can choose to ignore the bush entirely.

As you can hopefully tell, these events are quite a lot of effort to write but by adding this detail and checking requirements and giving you different options depending on your current position in the world they are all the richer for it, providing you with a unique experience even if they are 'repeats'.

In other news, we have finalised versions of the UI implemented which means I can start showing off gameplay screenshots very soon and I recently wrote a blog post for a forum that gives a brief synopsis of the stories you'll be able to tell in Under The Yoke.

I do plan and hope to speak to you all soon, with some awesome new screenshots and maybe even some videos on the way. In the meantime, I'll be pattering away on those events, only a couple hundred or so more to go.

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