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Under The Yoke Devlog 34: Demo News

Greetings ladies and villeins and welcome to another devlog for medieval life-sim Under The Yoke.

This week I come to you with news, so be sure to read to the end to hear about an upcoming demo. For now, the progress with events continues, with the event system fully developed the only tasks left to do is write them. So far we are 40 deep, which with a minimum of 3 options per event and multiple outcomes depending on skills, personalities, opinions, moods and good old RNGesus that leaves players with an awful lot of content.

What do the events span so far? Well to pick a few personal favourites:

  1. Embracing the changing Anglo-Saxon language, using French Norman words such as "beef" and "pork" or to stay set in your ways. The game does track how 'English' you are becoming over time as a hidden stat and will present you with different options depending on your Englishness, and will also generate new names depending on your Englishness. Goodbye Ælfræd, hello Alfred.

  2. We have an option to snitch on your neighbour who is slacking with his week-work responsibilities, or joining them in the slacking.

  3. Go on a pilgrimage to your local town as a holy relic passes through.

  4. Getting your tooth pulled by the blacksmith or trying to treat it with a real medieval remedy.

The game continues to progress at a steady pace, event writing is long work as you have to account for writing multiple solutions to every problem, and then multiple outcomes for said solutions but the plan is to hit 50 this week.

Why such a deadline? Well, the game has been receiving fantastic new UI assets which has been one of the few pieces of the puzzles that has prevented me from showing off the game more. Potentially by the end of next month we will have all final artwork in the game. Therefore, if we have the art, we have the gameplay and we have a limited amount of content, we can look to launch a demo.

The timeline for the demo is October, so it may be a little bit rough and ready with regards to stability and polish, but you will be able to play the entirety of your first character's life, and then continue that save in the main game.

If all goes to plan you should see a store page (and me screaming about it) pop-up in August-September.

If you don't want to miss out on that (and believe me you don't) then subscribe using the form below to make sure this blog series hits your inbox square in the face.

I'll speak to you all soon.

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