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Under The Yoke Devlog 16: In the eyes of God

Welcome villeins to another Under The Yoke Devlog.

Now that my humours are fully rebalanced I can deliver to you our now fully developed peak into the Medieval church.

In our previous blog post we covered the central role that the church played in the lives of people in the Middle Ages as well as the important political and economic role of the church.

In this blog post I aim to cover how you will interact with the Church over the years in Under The Yoke, an all important factor for any Medieval life-sim.

Peasants were by and large God fearing people, and even those with doubts would have been forced to attend church and likely keep their scepticism secret by a mixture of social convention as well as the chance of very real persecution. This is modelled in Under The Yoke alongside the personality system.

Peasants in Under The Yoke attend church every week in order to fulfil their ‘faith’ need, depending on their personality they may burn through more or less faith in a week, or be confronted with other situations which get them hot under the collar for some time with God.

In order to replenish their faith a player may choose what action they should take in Church, this could be as simple as praying for this or that, a cost free experience, or they may choose to perform an act of penance or contrition. These vary from the mild, Giving Alms or attending Confession to the more extreme Fasting and Flagellation. This acts all have associated costs, alms for instance costs money while flagellation can run a significant health penalty.

The more extreme acts obviously get you closer to God, though at a cost. This can lead to interesting choices, a zealous character for instance may be well respected in the religious Medieval community but his piousness comes with a cost.

There are of course more earthly matters to consider, such as Church Tithes and the Priests opinion of the player to consider and possibly even the chance of localised pilgrimages but that we will have to cover in future blog posts.

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